Good Morning Beautiful People…Please Don’t Be Silent Anymore



Good morning beautiful people. I really felt to re-post this from last week. Please don’t be silent anymore. God gave you a voice and it’s time to use it. Amen

On Sunday morning my teary eyes opened at exactly 4am crying out again for the nations. I have such a heart and love for people. It breaks my heart as I think of all the people I know that say they are believers, but their lives show no such walk. I weep this morning over my own family, my siblings, my neighbors, the people I meet every day. There’s not one soul that I would desire to see perish. I find myself checking my own heart daily and asking God if it is right before Him.

I turn on social media this morning and I listen to my former Pastor preaching a sermon on Judgment is Coming. I find myself weeping and asking God for mercy once again, for this great nation. I wrestled on my knees for hours after listening to his message. I had the privilege to sit under this mans teaching for several years and his passion for the Word of God made me hungry to know God intimately. One of the greatest truths Pastor Kavanaugh taught his congregation, was not to take his word for anything, go home and study the Bible for ourselves, to make sure we were being taught correctly. I did just that. I began to read my Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach me.

I had seen Pastor Kavanagh’s message posted a few days earlier, but I didn’t want to listen right away. I know how far we have turned the tide of America away from God. I know there are consequences to sin, to bad choices. It seems like the world has been turned upside down. What is wrong is now considered right, what is right is so from the norm. You are considered strange for standing up for what the Bible says, but we must continue to stand. I’ve been told I’m old fashioned, not with the new culture, old schooled to name a few. That’s ok, I like who I am. I am a member of the Army of God.

I believe in the power of prayer, prayer changes things. I will continue to petition the King of King’s for lost souls. Can I count on you to join the prayer army of God? It has nothing to do with me personally, but a call from God Himself. Will you take a few moments and talk to Him today about His army. Will you join forces with others where ever the Spirit of the Lord leads you and stand strong? Will you speak out when He asks, will you follow Him into the unknown, trusting He has the ultimate plan? Can He count on you today? Are you truly a follower of Jesus? Are you making disciples?

Ask yourself these questions today and settle your answers with the creator of the universe himself. This is no time to be lukewarm or deceived. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

Lord, we declare we are not lukewarm Christians. We are followers of Jesus, no matter the cost. Count us in the prayer army of God.


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