Donald Trump and Limiting Chaos


There is nothing that upsets godless progressives quite so much as putting limits on progressive policies. Such limits might bring order to chaos or greatly curtail lawlessness.

Donald Trump has made limiting the progressive agenda a cornerstone of his bid for the presidency and he angers democrats and republicans alike when he tackles immigration, welfare or any status quo issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so gung-ho to have a reality TV star famous for saying, “you’re fired” become the president of the United States, but it is good to see the country debate such untouchable issues as whether a 20 something pot smoking male should get government assistance or the logic of subsidizing the single mother who choose to have children out of wedlock.

It is not being suggested that we end social spending or even throw single moms to the wolves, all that is being proposed is that some reasonable limits be placed on who is eligible. Is it really so bad to require that the able bodied male interrupt his 48 hour Halo marathon, put on some sunscreen and get a job?

Is it not possible to curtail social spending to meet certain criteria? Can we not work toward reducing the dependence of the less fortunate to make tougher choices, maybe even to think twice about bad behavior because there are consequences to face. It seems to me when we remove the truly hard truth, people do not learn they should not behave that way and others do not learn from their fate.

Trump even got the president to say that any limitations on unlawful immigration is “Un-American”. Forcing Mr. Obama to make his usual absurd progressive statements that defy logic.

“This whole anti-immigrant sentiment that’s out there in our politics right now is contrary to who we are,” Obama said during a town hall meeting at an Iowa high school. “Because unless you are a Native American, your family came from some place else.”

Of course the president is saying that America has no right to borders because we came from someplace else, even the Native American migrated by the way. No one is original to the land except Adam himself. So at what point do we define how a person comes into the United States if we have no right to question immigration?

That the Donald has the unmitigated gall to challenge the approach that we are taking to these issues with a PT Barnum flare is causing people to scratch their heads and begin to realize the emperor really doesn’t have any clothes on his not so attractive body.

While I don’t believe that Mr. Trump is a devout follower of Jesus Christ, he may be one of the few people today to cause everyday people to realize that they have been blinded by the god of this world, but then again I am pretty sure they will just roll over and go back to sleep once the show is over.

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