Albuquerque Mayor Berry Calls Out Protest ABQ Over Abortion Signage


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Just some simple plain talk here….This YouTube video of Mayor Berry is crazy. The man drives me nuts. He cares more about zoo animals than the life of babies. He once put up a reward for information on the killing of a zoo animal. Before you call me an animal hater, just ask me about our rescue/ministry dogs and my love for animals, don’t get me started! The Mayor never speaks up for the babies being killed and that they will never be able to vote!  Albuquerque is the late-term abortion Capital of the United States, the Mayor doers nothing. The blood of babies is all over Albuquerque. How dare you Mayor, say that you are Pro-life!!!!! You can’t be Pro-life and allow the murders of Babies, what don’t you understand about that? You talk about trauma!!! What about the trauma of the babies being killed and the Mothers and what they go through!  How come Mayor you did a YouTube video to deliver your message? Why didn’t you sit down with Bud and Tara? I think this was a cowardly thing to do. They are just trying to stand in the gap for God to stop the killing of babies, if these signs upset your “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” I’m sorry. TRUE LIFE is that babies are being killed in Albuquerque, you like Governor Martinez say nothing as the murders continue! SHAME! PS…I know Bud and Tara of Protest ABQ and the kids look real threatening. Mr. Mayor, as my hero President Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” Here is a statement from Tara Shaver:

“The reason why Protest ABQ has resorted to what some people consider extreme tactics is a direct result of Mayor Berry’s lack of action regarding the out of control abortion industry and his very own city. Mayor Berry as well as our self proclamined pro-life Governor Susana Martinez have not lifted one finger to save even one preborn child’s life but instead allow children to be subjected to the brutal action the images we use capture. Instead of trying to silence and trample on our First Amendment constitutional rights, Mayor Berry should work on removing Albuquerque’s shameful reputation of being the late term abortion capital of the nation. Instead of siding with pro-choice interests he should work to fulfill the responsibilities that his constituents elected him to fulfill.”

Tara Shaver,
Spokewoman for Protest ABQ

Thank you Tara……..Just one more thing Mayor, so, do you want to hide from our children that you and others allow abortion?

Just one more thing Mr. Mayor: Please read this from a young Mother


Bud and Tara and kids

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