TODAY’S PROPHETIC VOICE – Stephen’s Gate: Awakening Your Spirit, Reviving Your Destiny


I have mentioned this briefly in recent, past posts. I believe we are in a time in this world where the prophetic voice is going to be a strong voice in paving the way. People will seek out a prophetic voice to bring discernment into what is going on in the world and in their own lives. As part of my studying concerning the prophetic I am reading a book by Kris Vallotton, “School of The Prophets: Advanced Training for Prophetic Ministry.” If you desire to learn more about prophetic ministry I highly recommend his resources. He is a highly experienced and seasoned prophet in this day and has great, practical, teachings on modern day, New Testament prophecy. The next four points come from his book that I mentioned above.

1. When everyone else sees a valley of dry bones, it is incumbent upon us a prophets and prophetesses to envision a mighty army and begin to procreate with God through prophetic declarations. As we see through Ezekiel’s story, prophecy is not just telling the future. Oftentimes, God calls us to cause the future. ~ Kris Vallotton

2. When the people of God feel defeated, depressed, powerless and outnumbered, it is the responsibility of the prophets of God to rise up and pick a fight against overwhelming odds. Prophets can see into the invisible realm, and they know that there are more who are for us than against us. ~ Kris Vallotton

3. When the Body of Christ encounters demonic forces in the dark night of the soul and believers feel weak, hungry and fragile, it is the prophets and prophetesses of God who can see past the plots of the enemy and envision the battle plans of the angel armies. This gives us authority to release declarations of hope in the midst of a house of horrors, which in turn ensnares principalities and disarms and imprisons them in their own demonic devices. ~ Kris Vallotton

4. Finally, when the mourners saw a crucified body and the soldiers were counting their coins, and when Pilate had long since washed his hands of the whole mess, it was time to keep in mind that the prophets of God thousands of years earlier had already predicted an empty tomb. ~ Kris Vallotton

I believe these four points from his book are key in these last days we are living in. The Church receives enough condemnation from the world, we that are within The Church need to be speaking to destiny and breaking the curse of the enemy over people’s lives. We cannot prophesy judgement in these days, we must prophesy life into dry bones, we must rise up and pick a fight against overwhelming odds, we must be able to see past the plots of the enemy and envision the battle plans of the angel armies, we must be able to see the dead situations of people lives and prophesy that what lies dead in their lives won’t stay dead forever, their tomb of dead promises will soon be an empty tomb.

The prophetic voice in this day will play a vital role in The Church and the world.

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