By: Laura Rosecrans

One week down, a life time to go…God willing! This past week – starting Monday August 17, 2015 has been the first week of radio internet history for the state of New Mexico with a brand new Christian Radio Station focused on the Land of Enchantment. Our good friend, faithful listener, and ministry partner – For God’s Glory Alone – Dewey Moede – keeps calling what we are doing a historical event – so I guess that is what I will call it also.

My husband Dan Rosecrans, has been in radio ministry for over 40 years. He has served our great state of New Mexico for more than half of that. Last year, I noticed his countenance getting low and he was unsure of whether or not he really wanted to finish off his broadcasting career in the place he was working at. It was discouraging to him that he could not do what his heart was calling him to do – focusing on New Mexico and on MUSIC. God allowed me to watch a news report back in December of 2014 that talked about a gentleman in Albuquerque that had started his own radio station. I didn’t know such a thing was possible. I mentioned it to Dan and I saw the wheels turning…however, doubt and uncertainty crept in and it was not mentioned again.

Then it happened 6 months later – due to a series of  events, my husband felt God telling him it was time to move. He resigned his position where he was working and took the leap of faith God has been prompting him to do for a long time – START HIS VERY OWN RADIO STATION – the way he knew God was leading him to. THE HUB OF NEW MEXICO was born. We decided to go Internet for a very specific reason – to reach the ENTIRE state of New Mexico. Terrestrial radio stations are so very limited to where they can reach so we decided to look into an Internet based station so we would not confined to boundaries. Our mission is reach all of the Land of Enchantment and beyond. We want to reach former New Mexicans and New Mexican hopefuls and provide a taste of New Mexico as far as the Internet will let us reach… EVERYWHERE!

Our vision is simple – serve and bring together ministries all over the state and unite them at the HUB which is Jesus Christ Our Savior and Lord. The spokes of the wheel are the many counties, cities, towns, and villages in New Mexico and draw them to the ONE who should be the center of everything. We have already made great friends and family in many parts of New Mexico and we look forward to continue on with our goal of going out and reaching the farthest corners of New Mexico and spreading the Gospel while serving our incredible State.

Our first week, this past week, has been exciting and challenging. We are dealing with equipment we have never worked with before and fixing bugs and equipment issues all the while learning new things and experimenting. Right now you can only hear us on your laptop or desktop – we are waiting for our mobile apps to be completed so everyone can hear us whether they are at home or on the go. The response has been TREMENDOUS! The encouragement we have received from people has been overwhelming – in an amazing way! The people of New Mexico are ready for a station that focuses on NEW MEXICO and all the wonderful things about New Mexico not just being interested in our state during share-a -thon week…

We look forward to seeing where God leads in this adventure that He has given to us as a couple and we look forward to continuing on meeting new friends and brothers and sisters in Christ as He takes us to all the corners of our state! PRAISE GOD!!

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