The Heads of Children and Their Value


Yet another video of the reality of abortion and the inhumanity of Planned Parenthood, their doctors and technicians who sell their souls for the money that can be made from the legalized death of children has been released.

This time the CEO of a company that goes by euphemistic name of Stemexpress is caught on camera making light of reactions by lab technicians when they receive the severed heads of aborted children.

These videos are important even though they can upset the normal average person. It is not natural for someone to consider the murder of a child to be routine. We should be upset by what we have learned.

Abortion has been shrouded in shadowy language and Planned Parenthood is being cloaked in nebulous healthcare doublespeak. It is good for the light of day to shine on this evil industry of murdering children and then making money on their broken, tiny and helpless bodies.

The danger of these videos is that America will become numb to them and soon ignore the stark truth they reveal. In order to avoid this, believers must remember the second of the great commandments; love your neighbor like yourself. When we mourn those we love, we cry for them, we ask God why.

Let us not grow weary but let us be angry with a righteous anger that demands we give unborn lives the value they deserve, that their lives matter as much as any life does.

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