PODCAST: From My Heart, Will God Be Around Next Year?


Will God be around next year? Now please don’t call me crazy or misunderstand me….But, I wonder if He will still be around in our area? or in your area? Deweys Message from the Heart You may think it is a ridiculous question, but is it? In another year, I wonder of God will still be around in our schools? Visible in the young people who claim to know him? I wonder if God will still be around in the workplace? Evident in adults who claim that He is their Lord and Savior? I wonder if God will still be around in the homes? Visible through parents and children who reside there? Read Judges 2:6-13 and Deuteronomy 6. After Moses died, Joshua led God’s people into the Promised Land! He remained faithful unto death, in leading them according to God’s Will! The problem is, THEY didn’t pass that faith along to the next generation! That next generation ended up being a bunch of godless, wishy-washy idolaters! Listen, if a generation grows up not knowing the Lord, it’s because their fathers did not take the time to educate them and demonstrate to them what it means to know and to love God. Please listen to my podcast.

Will God still be around next year? Of Course, HE is GOD! But will you?

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