Money Trouble and the Islamic State


After Black Monday and Shaky Tuesday of last week it might seem that the world economy is back to normal or something approaching it.

It seems like a crime scene where the police are telling everyone to “move along, nothing to see here folks.”

But there is trouble in River City folks and this time it is not a pool hall. The central banks around the world have been playing a shell game with money and interest rates.

Listen to Pastor Paul Holt’s Bible Factor Update:

Now before your eyes glaze over because I am talking about economics, let me compare the world economy to spoiled child. Have you ever known anyone to try to keep a child happy by giving them their favorite foods even though it could ruin their teeth and their health over the long term?

That is what the central banks are trying to do with quantitative easing and keeping interest rates low. It is like the boy with a finger in the dam but the dam is breaking apart around him.

Progressive leaders that buy into Keynesian economics, the theory that economies should look to government spending to fix thing and that there should never be a limit to government borrowing, unfortunately these childish ideas are destroying once free economies.

The sad thing is the bad guys smell blood in the water too. The Islamic State has said that it wants to replace the dollar and other paper currency with it’s own gold and silver currency.

They are urging oil-producing countries to only sell oil using this currency and some countries are starting to listen.

The problem and its solution are being ignored by godless government leaders. Borrowing is the problem and the bible says as much. When nations sin and ignore God, they borrow instead of lend, it is a sign of a sick country and the healer is Jesus Christ.

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