Freedom From Religion Foundation Wants Belen, NM to Remove Nativity Scene


The Nativity scene that is displayed in a Belen, New Mexico city under fire from a Wisconsin advocacy group that is warning the city to take it down.

Belen Mayor Jerah Cordova said,  “My first reaction was seething anger”
The Freedom from Religion Foundation says the Nativity scene on government property is unconstitutional because it’s not a separation of church and state. But Mayor Cordova doesn’t see it that way.  “Belen” is Spanish for Bethlehem.  STORY HERE

Let us pray over this situation, I pray that the people from the  Freedom From Religion Foundation have an encounter with God, that their hearts are softened to see God as God.

Satanic forces continue to try to remove God from America, which has proven to send America down hill……we are headed for the cliff.

Picture and story is from the Valencia County News-Bulletin


  1. My goodness! What is the world coming too? Why would a advocacy group from Wisconsin want the nativity to be taken down? This country is in dire need of prayer. God help us all!

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