Do NOT Be Afraid or Discouraged – Abortion Will End!



By: Laura Rosecrans

My precious brothers and sisters in Christ, I know many out there feel that this is yet another defeat that the Senate voted in favor of Planned Parenthood..and many feel once again we have been struck down but I want to remind you that NEVER in my life time or the life time of many of those reading this has there been such a close end to what is the largest abortion provider in the United States (despite their false claims). NEVER has there been such an outcry to what abortion is and what it does. NEVER has there been such a stand amongst Pro-lifers as this moment. Let’s take this into perspective…We were SEVEN votes short of defunding the largest and most powerful abortion provider in the United States!

My precious friends, this is NOT a defeat…THIS IS A VICTORY! Do not be discouraged! Joshua 1:9 – one of my favorite verses of all times says – “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go!” Please take this to heart. 

Please know that God has allowed this chain of events to expose abortion to the horror that it is. When have you EVER heard abortion being publicized and being talked about so much before  the release of the videos that The Center for Medical Progress released to the public!

Be assured my brothers and sisters – GOD HAS THIS! He has allowed the exposure of the Holocaust that is abortion in our nation BUT He has also tested us and continues to test us – those that claim to believe in HIM and the sanctity of life to see what we will do with this information.

I praise God for the PRO-LIFE Generation like Students for Life UNM and New Mexico Alliance for Life and the Sidewalk Advocates as well Right to Life and Protest ABQ for all the rally’s organized in our state not to mention ALL the amazing affiliates of these organizations across the U.S.A. that spearheaded COUNTLESS protests to Planned Parenthood’s Butcher shops.

Be encouraged…do not be dismayed! Keep fighting the good fight FOR THE LORD OUR GOD IS WITH US!  Praise our Father for all HE has revealed. I am EXCITED to see what else HE has in store in this battle!

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