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Thursday, August 20, 2015

From: Gary L. Bauer

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Iran Inspection Scam

Remember those secret side agreements that are part of the Iran nuclear deal? Members of Congress haven’t read them. In fact, Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that he had not read them nor, to the best of his knowledge, had anyone else in the government.

The Associated Press revealed the contents of one of the secret agreements late yesterday afternoon. According to the AP report, “Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site [Parchin] it has been accused of using to develop nuclear arms, operating under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such [inspection] work.”

Texas Senator John Cornyn blasted the secret side deal, saying, “Trusting Iran to inspect its own nuclear site . . . is remarkably naive and incredibly reckless.”

Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called the agreement a “dangerous farce.”

They are right.

What we already know about this deal is bad enough. But learning about what we didn’t know takes it from bad to disastrous.

Iran has a well-documented history of cheating on international agreements, yet this deal allows Iran to self-inspect. We’re supposed to trust the regime that chants “Death to America”? No way!

This shocking revelation could be a game changer in this debate. This is utterly indefensible and completely unacceptable.

ACTION ITEM: Call your members of Congress right now at 202-224-3121. Even if you have called before, call again. Even if they have already come out in favor of the deal, call again. Call now!

Tell them that they should not vote for any nuclear agreement that they have not fully read — and they have not read these secret side deals. More importantly, they should not support any nuclear deal that allows Iran, given its history of deception, to self-inspect.

Tell your senators and representative that Iran cannot be trusted. Tell them to oppose the Iranian nuclear deal.

Yet Another Video

Another video was released yesterday that exposes the butchery and barbarism behind Planned Parenthood’s business model. The video features remarks by Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician for StemExpress, a company that harvested baby body parts from Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities.

I know many of you share these reports with teen-age children. But I must warn you — what O’Donnell says is graphic and very disturbing.

According to O’Donnell, a co-worker once asked her to come “see something kind of cool.”


“So, I’m over here and this is the moment I see it. I’m just flabbergasted. This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen. I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus and its heart is beating — and I don’t know what to think. I knew why it was happening, because the electrical current, the nodes were still firing, and I don’t know if that constitutes it’s technically dead or if it’s alive.

“Since the fetus was so intact [my coworker] said, ‘This is a really good fetus, and it looks like we can procure a lot from it. We’re going to procure a brain.’ She takes the scissors and she makes a small incision . . . and goes, I would say to maybe a little bit through the mouth.”

O’Donnell was asked to finish the procedure of cutting through the baby’s face to get to the brain. “That was the moment that I knew I couldn’t work for the company anymore,” O’Donnell said.

Many you are likely thinking that Holly O’Donnell was slow in coming to that conclusion. But, sadly, she is not alone. A new Reuters poll finds that 54 percent of Americans support sending their tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Clearly we have a lot of work to do, and I strongly urge you to share this report with friends and family members, because the more people learn, the more they move our way.

As Reuters noted: “After the videos were described to poll respondents, 39 percent said Planned Parenthood should not receive government funding and 34 percent said federal dollars should continue.”

Yet Another Cyber Scandal

First it was lost emails at the IRS. Then it was Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Now its Ashley Madison’s hacked data.

If you are wondering who Ashley Madison is, good for you. Ashley Madison isn’t a person, but a website for people looking to have extramarital affairs. The site was recently hacked, and millions of people had their information exposed online.

As many as 10,000 government employees signed up with Ashley Madison using their .gov or .mil government addresses. Some are traceable to the National Security Agency and the Justice Department. According to one report, “there are 44 emails registered on the Ashley Madison site with a ‘’ address.

Foreign intelligence services are likely having a field day going through all the data, which one security expert said could provide valuable opportunities for “extortion or highly targeted cyberattacks.”

Any government official who was stupid enough to use his or her official email address for something like that should be fired. This is yet another example of why character and values matter. Someone who is likely to cheat on his spouse is likely to cheat on his job too.


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