Survey Shows 35% of Christians Under 40 Support Gay Marriage


Is The American Church Worthy of The Kingdom of God  Frank Haley of KDAZ AM730 Reports: The Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage has church leaders grappling with how to respond to prevailing cultural views on same-sex relationships, particularly among the younger generation.

According to a recent Barna Group survey , “Age has been– and continues to be– a defining fault line on the issue.” A recent Barna Group survey show that among “Practicing Christians” under 40 years old, 35% favor the Supreme Court’s ruling, while 73% of  “Non-Practicing” Christians support the decision.

Barna defines “Practicing Christian” as ” self-identified Christians who say their faith is very important to their lives and who have attended a worship service, other than for a special occasion, one or more times during the past month.”

 Main line pastors say, We’re not just the church that’s against homosexuality, we should be the church that’s  against sin,”   “The LGBTQ community changed the way our society viewed their lifestyle and subesquently the laws followed that.

Bud Shaver asks, Is The American Church Worthy of The Kingdom of God

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