Iran Declares to Continue Anti-Israel Plans



Khamenai (Illustrative)What fools we are being! The leaders of Iran and the US both made high-profile speeches this week in an attempt to sell the recently signed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) deal regarding the Islamic Republic’s renegade nuclear program to skeptical segments of their domestic audiences. The main point made by Khamenei’s speech, released on the Supreme Leader’s official YouTube page this week, is that the deal does not interfere with the Islamic Republic’s ability to annihilate Israel. The statement built on previous comments Khamenei and other senior officials that the deal would not compel Iran to stop supporting terrorist groups around the Middle East. Although the comments directly contradict assessments of the agreement made by senior US officials, US President Barack Obama gave his own speech at a veterans event in Pittsburgh Tuesday in which he reiterated earlier warnings about “dishonest” arguments against the deal and assured his audience that the deal represents the best possible plan moving forward. Read More

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