Happy 3 years FGGAM from “Stephen’s Gate Ministries”


FGGAM is a ministry we have been connected
with for a few years now. I started writing
while an Assistant Pastor at a church in
Northern Maine. It was then that a friend of ours recommended my writings to Dewey. For
awhile I wrote just once per week but have
now been writing daily and posting on FGGAM. This ministry is what opened the door for my writings to go world wide. There is a wide variety of inspirational writings and news shared through this ministry. I believe FGGAM has a call to reach the world and is
doing so. I expect to see continued growth in this ministry as it purposes to spread the gospel world
wide and be an encouragement to the Body of Christ. Happy 3 years FGGAM!

Love and Blessings, Stephen and Kristen Young

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