Frank Haley: “The devil was in for a fight”


FGGAM is three years young on August 1st, 2015

Having worked with Dewey Moede in the radio business for over 5 years, seeing him deal with people and issues of the world on a daily basis, I knew in my heart that when he said he was going into “full time ministry,” the devil was in for a fight. This man gets up at 3am every day, pours out his love for Jesus and lost people non stop. Just reading his daily cup makes me tired. The man loves Jesus, his wife and family, his dogs, his country, and even loves liberals and double talking politicians. He wants everyone to know Jesus personally. That’s what “For God’s Glory Alone Ministry” is all about. He’s my hero. If it hadn’t been for Dewey Moede, I would not be in the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
God bless you my friend. Congratulations on Three years of FGGAM!
Frank Haley
Good News Director
KDAZ am 730 radio

Pastor Dewey Note: Well, as many of you know I cry at the grand opening of a K-Mart……but Frank brings me to tears, for him to say I am his hero!!??!!?? Frank has always been MY HERO! I love this picture of Frank and me and the one with him with our beloved flag! Frank and his lovely wife, Alice have been so very kind to me and Sharon and FGGAM. Frank has taught me so very much. I walk closer with my Lord because of Frank. I love to say, hang around with people that get you closer to heaven! That would be Frank and Alice Haley and their whole family! Amen! I close with this…It all was a movement by our Lord that got Frank into the Hall-of-Fame, for God’s Glory Alone! I was just part of God’s exciting plan for Frank and Alice!

With friends like Frank and Alice, we go forth in our Lord Jesus Christ here at FGGAM! Kind words are like honey—-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24 Reserve Revival

Frank Haley Cowboy

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