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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

From: Gary L. Bauer

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Fundamentally Transforming America

As Americans we take pride in our history as a nation of immigrants. We welcome those who come here wanting to become Americans. But there is deep angst in the country that immigration, especially illegal immigration, is out-of-control and beginning to fundamentally transform the country.

Recently, the mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, bragged that his town in the American heartland is no longer a homogenous city. He said, “Our school district speaks 62 different languages by the children every single day.”

The mayor is obviously proud of this diversity, but surely he knows this is a huge burden on local taxpayers. It costs significantly more to educate students with limited English proficiency.

I was reminded of this story today when I saw a headline noting that Americans are leaving New York City, Los Angeles and Honolulu in droves.

According to this report, an influx of wealthy foreigners is driving up housing costs and driving out middle class families. Meanwhile, poor immigrant families are moving in — sometimes with multiple families moving into a single home, but they can’t afford the taxes to pay for local services.

If you are like me and concerned about the more complex issues related to immigration, why are so many people afraid to talk about it?

We need to rethink the concept of multi-culturalism, which the left is using to fundamentally transform our nation. As one commentator noted recently, America has always been a multi-ethnic nation, but we have always had a distinct American culture. Our goal has always been, “Out of many, one,” not the hyphenated multi-culturalism of the left.

We should be proud of that culture based on Judeo-Christian values, the rule of the law and ordered liberty under God. Those are the values that made America a “shining city upon hill,” the world’s sole superpower and a beacon of hope for those around the world yearning to become Americans.

Scrutinizing Sanctuary Cities

One person who isn’t afraid to speak up is Laura Wilkerson. She testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, demanding an end to the policy of “sanctuary cities” — localities that refuse to enforce our immigration laws.

Ms. Wilkerson read the autopsy report describing how her son, Joshua, was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant. She told senators:


“This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader. . . This government continues to fail or even recognize that we have an issue. Americans are dying daily at the hands of criminals that we don’t even know are here. . . . You cannot stand by and ignore our families — our American families. You’re elected by Americans, not any other country. You should be for Americans.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on legislation denying federal funds to sanctuary cities. A recent survey found that 58% of voters felt that sanctuary cities should lose access to taxpayer dollars.

America IS NOT Moving Left

How many times have you heard friends or family members lament the state of our culture? I suspect most conversations end with a defeatist tone and a shrug, “We lost. It’s over.”

On issue after issue in recent years, the left has been on a roll. The media echo chamber amplifies every liberal victory and eventually conservatives begin to assume the fetal position. Rather than boldly defending our values, too many politicians retreat, insisting that they really aren’t motivated by social issues.

They should think again.

In the wake of recent events — civil unrest, Supreme Court decisions upholding Obamacare and redefining marriage, assaults on religious liberty, Planned Parenthood — the latest Washington Post poll asked a rather curious question: “Would you describe yourself as comfortable or uncomfortable with the country’s overall direction on social issues these days?”

Note that the question wasn’t about the general direction of the country, but specifically about America’s “direction on social issues.”

Sixty-three percent of those polled said they were not comfortable with America’s direction on social issues. This suggests that the country has not “lurched to the left” as many pundits like to claim.


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