The “new” Normal


First I want to be very clear that I side with Solomon in Ecclesiastes when he wrote that “ there is nothing new under the sun”. How many years ago was that? Let’s say around 3,000, quite a span of time when you look at current history being made today or recorded in writings for more than 4,000 years.

You might say, but S.E. , there are “new” things every day. Yes, inventions, knowledge and discoveries, but I am writing about the human condition, the idea of free will and what we chose to do with that. Solomon even suggested that what was in ancient times and that was ancient to him, would not be remembered. People would forget and what I am only assuming, just live in the moment and not look at history, culture, civilizations that have risen and fallen during these years that have been counted, written about, talked about.

This brings me to comment on today or yesterday or the day before being seen as something “new” to be celebrated, feted, paraded. My standard is The Bible, the Word of God as recorded over a period of years. Its accounting of events, people who existed without computers, instant communication or all things deemed modern. I was speaking once for a lady’s group and ask now what is that thing you all have in your homes. Well they instantly said microwaves. I was going for something a bit more basic, a flush toilet! Oh and by the way, I have been living the last year without a microwave, but thanks be to God in the culture I am living they do have plumbing which is not always the case in places I have been in the last 30 years.

God’s Word as Solomon has been included, renown for his wisdom on many things, knew the history of God’s will and His ways being perverted, ah this is a word frowned upon in this swirl of celebration.

Personally, I would say the struggle in the human condition that is sin, selfishness, the entry into the world from the womb, crying, wanting to be taken care of and needing to be cared for to survive, leads to those first words of me, mine, wanting our way. That self awareness can become a life’s obsession and a sense of sharing, self-sacrifice, a more noble way is never realized. In that compulsion or addiction to self-satisfy, the principle to die unto yourself is not even on the table or considered “worthy” in the pursuit of gratification, even Solomon was famous for that, his capacity far exceeded what is regaled today in media, boastful conquests for that sexual appetite with his fame, money and following what was nothing new under the sun.

This week in the USA, five people looked to change a nation, to force an acceptance of sexual perversion and coat it in love, equality of persons, when that is far from it. You might say “wow, S.E., how unchristian of you.” God tells us to love the sinner and not the sin. But now “sin”, that is not even considered. We are ALL sinners, born into this world, wanting, demanding, needing and we ALL need a Saviour from those sins, God provided a way through His son Jesus Christ, a Messiah, who would walk among us , live and then give His life for all.

Perversion has been apart of history since it was written, that example we have way back in Genesis, is when two angels entered the city of Sodom to speak with Lot. Lot recognized them as being “heavenly” and he wanted them to come and be protected in his home. BUT the men of the city saw them and wanted them, it is written that old and young came and surrounded the house wanting to have sex with them. They ended up being struck blind and then of course they were incinerated!

I know, I know how antiquated of me to even use the word, ”perversion”. You know, two consenting adults, who “love” each other, why shouldn’t they have “rights”. Once again I would say, it is not equality under man’s law it is the NORMALIZATION of that sexual perversion, saying that is okay, no problem, enjoy that love. In reality , Paul wrote to the Romans that “God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchange the truth of God for the lie , and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.”

When this “worship” is followed, so much evil flows and results in unrighteousness, haters of God , pride, boastfulness, inventions of evil things. Paul goes so far to say in the judgment of God those who practice such things are deserving of death and actually the same to those who approve of those who practice.

To me my first citizenship is to God and His Kingdom, secondly He did have me born in a country that was founded intentionally by many men some of whom were influenced by their faith in God, and Biblical principles as a foundation. To see lights in a rainbow pattern shining across The “White” House in Washington D.C. was particularly offensive. God gave that symbol to Noah as a covenant promise, an everlasting symbol, that also has been perverted.

Serving God is the narrow path and no matter what my faith and commitment will not be swayed by a Court decision or “popular” culture. Going about My Father’s business in daily life does not change, hopefully for you also a renewed drive to stay His course despite the storms that rage around us. God Bless You and never stop blessing Him!



  1. Thanks so much for this article SE! I needed it after this week! So true, we must continue to follow God no matter what happens around us! Stay the course! Thanks for that reminder!
    Love, Terri Cason

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