SURPRISE! The Sun Came Up This Morning



By David Maddox

For Believers able to keep a clear perspective few things have changed. God is still on His throne. When the shout and the trumped sounds it will not be the US Supreme Court returning to judge the earth. Final judgment is still going to occur at The Great White Throne and not in Washington DC (Revelation 20:11-15). The standard God has set for who may be a part of the new heaven and the new earth – who may dwell in the holy city the new Jerusalem has not changed. Those God said would not be allowed in because of particular sin will still not be allowed in (Revelation 21:8, 27) (Revelation 22:15). Those who seek to rewrite Revelation by adding or changing still walk into God’s curse regardless of their position on earth (Revelation 22:18-19). Believers need to pray for those misguided members of the Supreme Court that God be merciful – and now we will see who is truly a part of God’s Kingdom and who has been playing the religious game. The real question is will we be be found faithful to the truth of God’s Word (all of it) when Jesus returns (Luke 18:8).

About David Maddox – After a legal career in both Texas and Arizona that spanned over 40 years as a civil litigator, God called David to leave his law practice and work full time as Discipleship Director for Time to Revive.  That call is really the fruit of decades of prayer for revival and teaching God’s Word, writing discipleship materials and seeking to make disciples.  David married Janet Whitehead in 1976 and they minister together from their Phoenix home.  God has blessed them with four children and thus far seven grandchildren.

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