PODCAST: Pastor Dewey’s Father’s Day Message, Never Complain


In all my years I never heard my Daddy, Wally Moede, complain. The three men that have had the biggest Godly influence on my life, my Dad, my Grandpa Caraway, ( Grandpa Moede died when my Dad was 13) Uncle Joe Moede….they never complained, they were aligned with God. Dad and Uncle Joe grew up in extreme poverty, cardboard was taped to the bottom of their shoes. Grandpa Caraway withstood the hardships of bad weather as a farmer and heart attacks and falling out of his barn. These three men of God never complained. The difficulties that we face  in our individual lives, families, churches, and communities are not fundamentally tied to our personality differences or our situations. They are tied to what Adam began in the garden, lack of alignment with God. Listen now to my podcast, please………These are pictures of my Dad…….he loved to drive School Bus….Wally MoedeHe was Transportation Director for ther School and Assistant Fire Chief! He was a SGT. in the U.S. Marines in WWII, having enlisted at age 17! He also was head usher at the American Lutheran Church for years. He loved our hometown of Windom, Minnesota. When Dad passed onto to glory suddenly at age 64 of a heart attack, the week he retired, the town shut down for his funeral! My DadDeweys dad

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