PODCAST: From My Heart, Do You and I Love Like God? What Do You Post on Facebook?

Dewey Moede
Lars Moede Photo of Pastor Dewey Moede

For months now God has shown me to love more and more…….and more…..I have stumbled at times, I have not meant to, but I have. I have found that the more I love the more peace and understanding I have. Not that I don’t have problems, yes I do, but I have our Lord Jesus Christ and friends to see me through. God has shown me that hate is growing and hate is getting us nowhere, except further from him.  I’m praying about leaving Facebook because of all the hate and nonsense, even from Christians! Many pick any story from any source, even very bad sources, false news, and post it, any cotton pick’in thing that is labeled a news site, many think it’s credible!  What is going on here? Be careful what you post! It seems many want to pick a fight with the world, it’s almost like they live for that fight! We try so very hard on what to post here at FGGAM.ORG, we fail at times, but we pray we will get better. It is a challenge posting news and inspiration. Please pray for us.  I am in constant prayer as to what we post and do not post. Last week Dawn Bridges posted here at FGGAM on the Love of God, let me share that with you and some other things……Deweys Message from the Heartlove-588409_640

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