FGGAM Family: Call to Prayer as U.S. Senate Soon Debates Abortion


We here at FGGAM are in favor of this Godly legislation. Please join us in prayer for passage! Frank Haley of KDAZ AM730 REPORTS: Science shows unborn babies 20 weeks and older can feel pain. And preemies that young are now frequently surviving outside the womb.

The U.S. Senate will soon debate whether America can in good conscience continue to abort unborn babies this age and older.

At least, if Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has his way. Graham already has 45 co-sponsors and he’s now introducing the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a ban on abortions of the unborn 20 weeks or older.

Sixty votes are needed for the debate to go forward and Senate Democrats are a solid wall of opposition. National Right to Life President Carol Tobias says The Democratic party is in lockstep with the abortion movement,” “They don’t want any limits on abortion at any time during pregnancy.”

The bill already passed the U.S. House of Representatives last month 242-184.abortion

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