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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

From: Gary L. Bauer

Gary Bauer
Obama Bashes Bibi

As we noted in yesterday’s report, President Obama recently addressed members of the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C., and he sat down for interviews with Israeli media. This is all part of an orchestrated charm offensive in advance of the June 30th deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran and the subsequent vote in Congress.

The president’s comments may not help his cause. For example, during an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 network that aired yesterday, Obama squarely laid the blame for the failure of the peace process on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama said that Netanyahu put “so many caveats, so many conditions” on talks with the Palestinian Authority “that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met any time in the near future. The danger here is that Israel as a whole loses credibility.”

On Sunday Netanyahu said this: “I remain committed to the idea that the only way we can achieve a lasting peace is through the concept of two states for two peoples — a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish nation state of Israel.”

Exactly what are the conditions Obama is objecting to?

Let’s be absolutely clear: It is not Israel that is refusing to talk. It is the Palestinians who won’t talk because they refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist!

The Palestinians also continue to demand one half of Jerusalem. No one has explained how Israel will exist with one half of its capital in the hands of its enemies. It would be like ISIS demanding half of Washington, D.C.

Another issue on which the Palestinian Authority refuses to budge is the so-called “right of return” — the demand that people who have never lived in Israel be allowed to move there. It is akin to the nonsensical open borders policy that many leftists demand of America. It would demographically bury Israel.

Yet knowing all of this, President Obama has the chutzpah to go on Israeli TV to blame Israel’s leader for having too many unrealistic conditions for talks.

But Obama wasn’t done. After accusing Netanyahu of sabotaging talks with the Palestinians, Obama once again threatened to punish Israel by withholding U.S. support at the United Nations, including allowing the U.N. to vote on Palestinian statehood.

Obama’s Jewish Values

While addressing the Adas Israel Congregation last month, Obama said that he believes in Jewish values and it was those Jewish values that “compel” him to worry about poor Palestinian children who are “trapped without opportunity.”

If Obama is worried about the Palestinians’ lack of opportunity, he should blame Hamas, not Israel. Look at what happened to Gaza after Israel gave it up. Hamas didn’t build schools or hospitals or invest in job training programs to provide opportunity to Palestinian children. It turned Gaza into a launching pad for more rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.

Obama’s supposed respect for Jewish values should cause him to worry about the lives of Israeli children, which multiple Muslim leaders are vowing to exterminate.

Beheading Plot Foiled In Boston

Law enforcement authorities in Boston did their job yesterday shooting and killing a suspected terrorist. As Boston police and FBI agents approached Usaama Rahim, he lunged at them with a knife. Now he’s a dead terrorist. Thank you, Boston law enforcement.

Rahim had been under 24-hour surveillance by the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Evidently, he had been plotting to behead policemen. Last night, police arrested an accomplice, David Wright.

Ibrahim Rahim, Usaama’s brother, an imam at a California mosque, took to Facebook yesterday to post his version of events. According Imam Rahim, his brother was shot three times in the back, while waiting at a bus stop to go to work. Imam Rahim also claimed that Usaama was on the phone with his father at the time and his last words were, “I can’t breathe.”

That’s interesting. The imam managed to incorporate two of the left’s favorite memes about the Michael Brown and Eric Garner incidents, both of which are false in this case.

How can I say that? Because CNN is now reporting that Boston area clergy, civil rights leaders and Muslim clerics have reviewed surveillance footage of the shooting and all agree that Usaama Rahim was not at a bus stop, was not shot in the back and was not on a cell phone. The fact that we need their assurances that the Boston police and the FBI really are the good guys is absurd.

Presumably, the FBI has already launched an investigation of Imam Rahim and what might be going on at his mosque. Why would this Muslim cleric lie so blatantly?

Do you recall the ax attack on police officers in New York City and the Baltimore thug who assassinated two New York police officers? It is increasingly obvious that law enforcement, just like America, is locked in its own war against radical Islam.

The Big Jenner News

Have you heard the big news about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner? No, not THAT news. Everyone has heard about that.

I’m referring to the news a few weeks ago that didn’t get much attention. During an interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner claimed to be a conservative.

I want to remind you of that because Caitlyn Jenner is now receiving adoring news coverage, including being on the cover of Vanity Fair, other periodicals and newspapers. Obama even took time out from fighting ISIS to tweet what a courageous person Caitlyn was.

This is huge! A self-proclaimed conservative “woman” is finally getting positive news coverage from the liberal establishment! (Sarcasm Alert)

Media Exploit Duggar Scandal

When it was recently reported that Josh Duggar molested several girls as a young teenager, some of the media seemed almost delighted by the news. This is in part because Duggar stars in “19 Kids and Counting,” a popular TV show about a family of conservative Christians.

It is also because some journalists were eager to exploit the scandal in order to attack conservative values. But, as I write in an op-ed today at The Daily Caller, the left-wing narrative is predictably wrong. The evidence shows that traditional beliefs and practices about family and sexuality don’t contribute to a culture in which sexual crimes are more likely to occur.


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