WAKE UP! We’re Losing America


WAKE UP – WE’RE LOSING AMERICA: by David MaddoxBethany Lutheran Church near Bergen
USA Today in its Wednesday edition headlined an article on the most recent Pew Research report on religion in America as “Country Less Christian”. Then it opens with this alarming fact – “The USA is a significantly less Christian country than it was seven years ago.” The facts is uses to support that conclusion should both alarm and sadden any Christian. During this seven year period which began in 2007, “The percentage of people who described themselves as Christians fell about 8 points (per cent).” And if that is not enough to spur you into prayer and action try this fact on for size – “Overall there are more than four former Christians for every convert to Christianity.” That means we are not sharing the Gospel and making disciples as Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:18-20). But, you say, our local church is growing and we have wonderful services and do so many good things. I believe these numbers respond to that with a “So What” and Jesus would say to us through tears – “When are you just going to do what I told you to do?” Wake up Church – it doesn’t work to ignore the book of Acts and the commands of Jesus and simply continue with what we are doing. Culture is now our enemy because it never has seen or been told the true Gospel so like the time of the Judges, “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). There is no King Jesus in America – not even in His people or churches – if His people and their churches believe they can ignore His command to take the Gospel out daily into the world and make disciples rather than simply inviting people to come to church. I know there are some churches that seek to be obedient and there are ministries like Time to Revive that seek to teach and equip churches to do as Jesus commanded and to do it together, but this is an every Christian – an every Believer responsibility. Revival will be evidenced by repentance for this sin and by obedience which will change the world and explode into a Great Awakening – or the darkness will continue to grow and prevail as the light is hidden in buildings

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About David Maddox – After a legal career in both Texas and Arizona that spanned over 40 years as a civil litigator, God called David to leave his law practice and work full time as Discipleship Director for Time to Revive.  That call is really the fruit of decades of prayer for revival and teaching God’s Word, writing discipleship materials and seeking to make disciples.  David married Janet Whitehead in 1976 and they minister together from their Phoenix home.  God has blessed them with four children and thus far seven grandchildren.

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