National Day of Prayer Albuquerque 2015



By: Dan Rosecrans

The 64th consecutive National Day of Prayer was celebrated on Thursday, May 7, 2015. The first Thursday in May has come to mean a day of gathering, praise and prayer to our Lord God. It was also a first in Albuquerque as the midday event was held at and around the Gazebo on the Old Town Plaza.


The annual National Day of Prayer was supported by proclamations from President Barak Obama and Governors of all 50 states in the Union. This year’s theme verse is found in I Kings 8:28..”Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day”.

IMG_1263 Pastor Bill Ruhl

After numerous years of heading up the event, Pastors Joe and Nancy Cangiolosi of Glory Christian Fellowship handed the baton of leadership to Pastor Bill Ruhl. The event also moved to a new location. For several years the National Day of Prayer event had taken place on Civic Plaza in downtown Albuquerque. The new location, Old Town Albuquerque, was perfect for the occasion.As in the past, worship jump started the gathering. Then, assembled in the gazebo, the prayers began. During the NDOP there are numerous “pillars” lifted up in prayer. Prayers were lifted from the heart of Old Town for the Church, Law enforcement, Media, Family and more.


 Pastor Joseph Carrillo

Heart-warming prayers were raised for those who wear the uniform to protect our country in the military and in our own communities by Pastor Joseph Carrillo….who is himself a law enforcement officer. Pastor Dewey Moede from FGGAM lifted up an impassioned prayer for Christian media in the Albuquerque area.

IMG_1260                                                                          Pastor Dewey Moede

Pastor Brian Alrid from Passion Church raised a hoarse (recovering from a cold) but blessed voice to Heaven on behalf of the family.
IMG_1262                                                                           Pastor Brian Alrid

It was also encouraging to hear the prayers offered from the crowd as the hour long event progressed. The change to Old Town Plaza proved to be a blessing to those who found shelter in the shade on a warm, sunny Duke City Day.

The change of venue to Old Town also gave cause to pray from the roots of the city. It lead participants to pray for the problems that plague this old community in new ways.

Pastor Ruhl added a thought to this year’s theme as the prayer time concluded reminding those around the Gazebo that God has heard “an appeal to heaven”. A poignant reminder that our prayers are not offered to a god of wood or stone, but our God hears from Heaven and moves in great and mighty ways.

IMG_1261                                                                     Pastor Richard Mansfield

                                                                          & Dan Rosecrans

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