I’ve Cheated Before


Written by Dan Rosecrans danbetter

I’ve cheated before. I don’t say that proudly. It’s rather embarrassing to admit it publically. But once, in a very tense game of Monopoly I cracked under the pressure, stowed away some $10,000 bills and tried to win. I got caught. I tried to deny everything, but the evidence was overwhelming and I went to jail. You know, that little corner on the Monopoly board where you sit out three turns or roll doubles.

I say this so you know that I do not claim to have no sin.

Tom Brady, it appears, cheated. I could talk about how it took 100 days just to find out if the Patriots quarterback connived with deflated footballs on an icy night to win the AFC Championship and go on to Super Bowl victory. Does it really take that long to find the facts in this case?

All the talk shows, sports and others, now want to call out Brady. ESPN calls it “Ballghazi”. I am curious to know if the networks are putting together prime time movies to “tell the whole story”. There’s talk of suspension. One game, two games, more? We’ll know soon and then we won’t have to wade through this until the NFL season kicks off in September.

It became so crazy the NFL wanted Brady’s phone to check texts and phone calls. Why don’t they just call the NSA? Oh, the indignation of the sports media world that Brady just doesn’t turn over his phone and any other electronic items that could contain records of the truth. If he would just cooperate, they opine, the truth would come out, our curiosity would be satisfied and everyone…even Tom Brady…could get on with life. How dare he hold out, they scold. How dare he withhold evidence, they righteously crow from their kleg lit studios.

I find myself wishing we could set the sports media upon political candidates these days. Obviously, their brethren in the “real” newsrooms aren’t interested in getting to the bottom of too many important stories. Where is their indignation that a Presidential candidate won’t turn over any and all electronic equipment so the truth can be told?

Where is the full court press on the current administration’s largest disaster abroad? Why did the Obama administration lie about the cause of the attack in Libya? Why were the responsible individuals never grilled and doggedly forced to answer lingering questions over the murder of our Ambassador and his valiant security detail in Benghazi? What did our leaders know heading into and during this disaster? How can the persons responsible for the safety of our foreign detail lie, and lie and lie…..and the newsroom cronies yawn, blow away the smoke and sigh….”nothing to see here”?

And how can one of the principles shout, “what difference does it make, now, anyway”, walk away with no stain and run for the highest office in the land?

How about now we sign on Bob Costas from NBC, Ernie Johnson from Turner or Keith Olberman from ESPN to lead the questioning at the first Presidential debate? At this point in time digging up the late Harry Carey and sitting him at the moderator’s table would prove more valuable than the media serfs of today.

The modern mainstream media is shameful. It has traded its role as the Fourth Estate of the Republic to lick bones thrown to them from the wealthy and powerful. They, like Pilate, wander around espousing, “What is truth”.

This great nation deserves a media like we once knew. You know, the type that toppled a President. The kind that could once again shed light on the dark works of those who have a truth to hide. But apparently today’s media is obsessed with deflated balls. Is there an irony there?


Dan Rosecrans is Program Director and Morning Man at KDAZ AM730 in Albuquerque. Dan has blessed the airwaves of Christian radio in New Mexico for many years. He is married to the beautiful angel Laura Rosecrans, who also writes for us here at FGGAM.

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