FGGAM QUESTION of The Day: Has your service for God in the past been centered on yourself?


FGGAM QUESTION of the Day: Has your service for God in the past been centered more on you and what you felt comfortable doing, or on listening to God’s voice and doing whatever He asked of you? How might your service for God be more God-centered in the future?

WOW! In a lunch with ministry partners yesterday I shared the fact when God was calling me out to preach and I wasn’t answering the call to leave KKIM and go into the ministry God had waiting for me and Sharon. Things that were normally easy for me to do at KKIM, regular duties that I had done for years, started to go wrong. That is what happens when we do not answer the call of God. Things that were normally easy to do, become difficult, our spirit is restless.  After 6 months I finally answered the call! And here we are today at FGGAM! PTL!

I strongly encourage you to get the book, “Experiencing God” knowing and doing the Will of God by Henry and Richard Blackaby. Have your Bible right beside you as you read the book. God will speak to you! Experiancing Godhearing God 3


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