FGGAM QUESTION of The Day: Do You Have a Relationship With God?


FGGAM QUESTION of The Day: Do you have a relationship with God? The most important relationship for you to have! Yesterday we received another gift of ministry supplies from Charles Stanley’s ministry, In Touch. Oh, how we love Charles Stanley and Sheila who helps us so very much! Sheila helps us keep full of resources like these cards that we hand out as God moves us……….If you have questions or need help in your daily walk with Jesus Christ, please Email: pastordewey@fggam.org  We also want to take time to thank all those that support FGGAM in our calling from God. We love you all so much. My life verse is found in Acts 20:24………My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. I pray that you have a life verse, I take mine very seriously, it is my calling from God. To know your calling you must have a personal relationship with God. I pray I hear from you if you need help. Relationship with GodSalvation payer

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