EXPOSED: “I Love Satan!” “Adoption?! I Kill My Kids!”


By Bud Shaver

The REAL heart of the pro-abortion advocates was exposed at a Protest of Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX on Thursday May 21st.

Infowars organized the #AllBlackLivesMatter Protest to expose the origins of Planned Parenthood whose founder, Margaret Sanger openly advocated the extermination of African Americans and other minorities by abortion at KKK meetings!

blacklivessign7jpgPro-Abortion agitators showed up and immediately attempted to cover up pro-life signs (like the one above) with tarps and cardboard. These liberals had no respect for the First Amendment or open dialogue/debate. Their only desire was to Silence the Truth.

CFjLDNrVIAEHyNM“Tolerant” liberals who cannot tolerate anyone else expressing an opinion that differs to theirs.” Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars

Here are statements captured on video by Infowars which exposes the REAL heart of abortion advocates in our country:

Liberal Male Pro-Abortion Pro-Communist agitator, “I help get FREE abortions without apology! I pay to kill babies…upwards of FIFTY! I raise money from the community for it.”

Liberal Female Pro-Abortion Pro-Communist agitator, “Adopt?! I kill my kids!”

Liberal Pro-Abortion Female agitator, “I love Satan…so F@#% YOU”

What these statements expose is that abortion has nothing to do with “women’s health,” it’s really just a Pro-Death cult!

In addition to openly advocating the murder of their own kids (with money paid for by our tax dollars) and professing their love for satan…when their attempt to silence the truth failed, they then resorted to violence!


Alex Jones of Infowars responds after being assaulted, “Your god [Satan] Has Fallen! You are Weak! Your god [Satan] is Weak!”

Infowars journalist, Paul Joseph Watson reported on the #AllBlackLivesMatter Protest

“The peaceful pro-life event was soon hijacked by spiteful, angry leftists who, instead of respecting the First Amendment and conducting their own parallel protest, chose to physically block signs being held up by pro-life activists with rudimentary pieces of cardboard and paper.

Red Guard agitators then attempted to hijack the live broadcast of the event, which was being simulcast on national radio, by engaging in a string of foul mouth expletives, which served as a cover for their inability to actually defend their own views on the issue when challenged.

Given that the group routinely marches under the hammer and sickle of the Communist Party – a symbol associated with the slaughter of tens of millions of people – it’s unsurprising that these thugs also like to burn literature with which they disagree – another hallmark of totalitarian regimes throughout history.”

CFjcT-ZWAAAiTrS“Self-proclaimed ‘tolerant liberals’ literally burning literature. Adolf would be proud!” Paul Joseph Watson 

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Background information:

#BlackLivesMatter Planned Parenthood Protest (For God’s Glory Alone Ministries – FGGAM)

Download and print large posters created by here:

Planned Parenthood is the Nation’s largest Abortion Provider! For more information read this report by Planned Parenthood is America’s Biggest Abortion Business: Operates 45% of All Abortion Clinics

Planned Parenthood received over $500 million in forced taxpayer funding last year. Stand with fellow Americans in a nationwide call to defund the nation’s largest abortion corporation: SIGN THE PETITION (by Live Action) TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD

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