Will Albuquerque Police Ever Recover? Will The City Ever Recover?


It is very sad to read this report by KOB TV……just awhile back Albuquerque Mayor Berry and Police Chief Eden announced that they are lowering the requirements to become a Policeman in Albuquerque due to low staffing numbers and they  hope by lowering the requirements, the City would attract more Officers…….after this report, do they still want to do that? Whether the “Chamber of Commerce” types, including  Mayor Berry and Chief Eden want to admit it or not , the Albuquerque Police Dept. is in dire shape, this may be the worst shape Albuquerque has ever been in it’s history. As DA Kari Brandenburg has said, “We may never recover” : APD releases statement on battery case involving officer dlvr.it/9Y4CP8  Sadly, it seems every week another APD Officer is in trouble. Where is the leadership of the City? It is not leading us into the light of Jesus Christ! News and Views-DeweyAPD

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