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together-we-are-beautiful BE A “TREE”
I was talking with someone recently and they were telling me how the trees on their lot were dying. He had a professional in the tree business come check things out and found that the reason for the dying trees was stress. There had been many other trees cleared from the land to make room for homes and when a tree is used to be surrounded by other trees, it gets stressed when those trees are removed and it affects the health of the ones that are still standing.

Statistics show that more than 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. I began to think about this and the importance of having people around us that support us. People that you can lean on during your stressful times. People that will speak life and encouragement into you when you need it the most. If we remove all of the “trees” around us, stress can settle in and sometimes become deadly.

Surround yourself with “trees” and don’t let anything uproot them. They will be the ones that help you through the different seasons of your life. And don’t just surround yourself, get close to someone that you can be a “tree” to and help during their tough times.

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