Netanyahu Addresses Yom HaShoah Ceremonies at Yad Vashem


Netanyahu (Israel Prime Ministers Office photograph)Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the annual state Holocaust commemoration at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, comparing the danger from Iran to Israel to the danger to the Jews of Europe from the Nazis in WWII. “Even if we are forced to stand alone against Iran, we will not fear. In every circumstance we will preserve our right and our ability to defend ourselves,” Netanyahu said. “Iran seeks to rule the region and destroy the Jewish state just 70 years after the Holocaust. But rather than demanding that Tehran significantly dismantle its nuclear weapons program, the world powers have struck an agreement that would leave it with the ability to produce atomic bombs. Has the world really learned from the incomprehensible, universal and Jewish tragedy of the last century? I wish I could tell you that the answer is yes.” Read More

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