“Gender Fluid”


“Gender Fluid”

by Howard Stansell


Those of us who pay attention to politics and current events are on information over load. Story after story of awful weather conditions, crazy foreign policies, scandals and corrupt politicians bombard our senses. The country (and the world) seems to be afloat with disturbances of all makes and models. Most are truly fretful. Some, however, are ridiculously comedic.


One such story is about a young middle school person who has declared him-herself “gender fluid.” Direct from the horse’s mouth comes the statement that he/she can’t figure out from one day to the next whether he/she “thinks” he/she feels male or female. So, he/she has decided to “float” from one behavior to the other. For old simple minded me, this has all the markings of an adolescent con game, a prank, or maybe it is simply normal prepubescent reality! However, given the media preoccupation with trans-everything this story has, somehow, become serious news.


I saw an interview on TV between a morning news show host and a gender specialist (whatever that is). The specialist said, with a straight face, that it’s the brain not the body that determines how one identifies his/her gender (sexuality). Really? If this young middle schooler is serious about resolving the gender dilemma, I might suggest that the next time he/she needs the bathroom or wants to shower in the locker room at school (on whatever kind of day it is) he/she might take a peak at his/her pelvic area for a hint! I’d go (pardon the pun) with the physical evidence available at the time. But, that’s just old insensitive, out of touch me.


Yes, there is a serious side to all of this. Perhaps I’ll write about it later. Right now, I’m too busy chuckling. Sorry.commentary

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