Selective Faith


faith-441401_640For those who call themselves Christians the Bible is, well, their “bible.” It’s the instruction manual, the map and the rule book for living. Just as those who attempt to use a new piece of technology without reading the instruction manual, a traveler who veers away from the plotted course or someone who attempts to drive without learning the rules of the road, a Christian doesn’t make much progress without the Bible.

The Bible is just an abstract collection of stories and platitudes to some people. While they believe it may contain bits of wisdom, it isn’t absolute truth or infallible. Most Christ-followers see it differently, believing this to be the inspired word of God, period. From time to time I come across something I don’t like as I’m reading: God commanding that everyone in a certain region be killed and their property destroyed; a man being told to sacrificially kill his own son (even though he wasn’t forced to go through with it) and some of His laws and expectations about our daily living.

It is hard not to get caught up in culturally contemporary thinking. Why not watch a little bit of nudity in a movie…that’s not porn. As long as two people love each other whom are they hurting if they sleep together without being married? Marijuana is a natural substance like wine…why should I obey the dumb law prohibiting its use? Shouldn’t people have a right to choose the gender of the person they fall in love with, or are intimate with? There are wars, natural disasters and famine all over the world. Does God really expect us to follow these archaic rules about such small things?

The simple answer is yes. We may not like it and we certainly won’t understand it, but our loving creator has designed a master plan…and within that, a microcosm for each of us. Every choice we make alters our path—and the journey of those around us. Reverting to the simple truths we learned as children: Trust, Obey and Receive Blessings.

The Lord doesn’t love us any less when we choose to disobey His words and direction. If we’ve truly given our heart to Him, our salvation is secure. However, we are likely to miss some of the wonderful blessings that were on the path He chose for us. It’s difficult to have true peace when we belong to God, know His ways and still make choices apart from His plan.

Being a follower of Jesus isn’t a selective endeavor… I’ll buy this, but not that. It’s an all-or-nothing venture. Are you in all the way or only willing to accept parts of the Bible you like and make you feel comfortable? Perhaps it’s time to consider this dangerous (often unpopular) challenge. Then go forward and see how much different your journey is after this decision.

Do you think it’s important to aspire to follow God’s ways and His direction through the Bible? Is it OK to pick some things that seem out-dated and abandon them as obsolete or dogmatic? Comment below.

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