New Mexico Offers Abortion, Children Lottery Tickets and Poor Education


Here is my latest RANT! Lottery vending machineGeraldNews and Views-DeweyI was so upset hearing of the actions of New Mexico State Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino last night, when I read the story from Bud Shaver, I got sick…yes I

did, sick to my stomach and so shook up I spilled my coffee all over….the killing of God’s children………….

Sen. Pino continued his belligerent attitude by throwing out a supporter of the bill after his testimony!

Needless to say the Democrats voted on party lines to kill SB 437!

Senator Pino killed this anti-abortion bill, I warned that this would happen in Monday’s radio program! Pino pushes unGodly legislation!

Here is Bud Shaver’s story from last night, just click on the headline:

New Mexico Pro-Life Senate Bill 437 KILLED In (D) Controlled Senate

New Mexico has a mess on its hands. As long as people like Pino and are in office, we are on the continued walk to hell.

The picture above just floored me…….of a New Mexico Lottery vending machine in our neighborhood Smith Food Store! What a way to say

I love you???!!!! Abortion!! Lottery!!! What a way to say I love you Lord…I love you Baby???!!!

This is how much New Mexico loves it Children……continued killing of them through abortion and corrupting them through the lottery

and gambling. The store clerk at Smith’s said that children are buying lottery tickets through that vending machine… ID is required of course

to buy through this machine! Kids think it is fun, the clerk said, to think they may win money and beg their parents to buy them a lottery

ticket! What are we doing to our Children??!!! We are corrupting our Children. So in New Mexico we kill children through abortion

and sell the living children lottery tickets and offer them a failing education system because the politicians have their fingers in everything!

The other disgusting thing that is going on in New Mexico is these student protests about the PARCC testing. It just shows how out of

control New Mexico is. The Supt. of Albuquerque Public Schools Brad Winter was like a scared rabbit on TV last night trying to warn parents and

students of protesting and missing class. Weak message. Scared man.

Watching these PARCC testing protests unfold in New Mexico is excellent evidence why the education system has failed. I know some of you

have tried to dress up this pig in a suit, but failure is failure…..the drop out rate is deplorable!

Please click on this headline and read more:

New Mexico Failure in Education Solution: Focus on The Family

To put it simply, if my generation when we were children behaved like these kids who are protesting, we would be in detention for a lifetime and most

of us would get our bottoms spanked by our Dads. Where I am from we would have gone to the Principles office, Mr. Anderson, and got the “boat

oar” on the bottom and maybe sent through Mr. Kelly’s paddling machine! There is no deterrent in New Mexico for bad behavior, that is why crime is

so rampant in the state…..people can drive drunk here and be arrested 21 times and still drive! Do I need to remind you that your child can by a

lottery ticket at their local Smiths? And a child can go have an abortion without parents consent?

If you and your child do not agree with this testing, why do you not homeschool your child then? Why don’t you enroll your child in a Christian

School? A private school?

I’m a taxpayer. Education is the right of everybody, but it is also a privilege………and I’m helping foot the bill for Public Education like many

of you, and if people abuse that privilege by destructive protests and vandalize property they should be in detention for a long period of time and

in some cases be expelled.  Where is the disciple??????? I think some parents, politicians and school officials belong in detention!

Back where I come from we were taught to leave this place a better place than we found it, but here in New Mexico we have made a greater

mess for future generations by killing babies, gambling, lotto tickets for children, poor education, etc…..

The theme in New Mexico seems to be technology and money to solve problems, when it is only God that is the answer.

Dysfunctional behavior is rampant in New Mexico and it saddens me so much, I am sick. This is not the world that I want for my adult children

and now our first grandchild!

I still can’t get over the fact that children can buy lotto tickets from a vending machine at the grocery store!!!!!

KOB TV has this report: New Mexico Education Secretary Skandera sits down with KOB to discuss PARCC tests

Also click on the headline below and read:

The Economist–Slots and Sloth


Maybe This is Why Rio Rancho Schools Succeed and Many Other NM Schools, Like Albuquerque Are Failing

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