Joel C. Rosenberg: Why Does Netanyahu Want to Address Congress Amidst Such A Political Firestorm?



An interview I once did with him may offer some clues.

By Joel C. Rosenberg (@joelcrosenberg on Twitter)

(Washington, D.C., March 3, 2015) — Greetings from the AIPAC Policy Conference. AIPAC stands for the “American Israel Public Affairs Conference.” I have been to many of these over the past 25 years in Washington. But this is one for the ages.

There was a tumultuous reception here on Monday for Israel’s Prime Minister from the 16,000 delegates. I lost track of the number of standing ovations. It was moving to be a part of (Israeli leaders rarely receive standing O’s anywhere else in the world, including in Israel.) The Prime Minister thanked America for our long-standing strategic alliance and called for bipartisanship in preventing Iran from building The Bomb.

Please be praying for the PM, his wife Sara and his team as they prepare for the speech to the Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday at 11am eastern. Thanks. I have been invited to attend the speech, and hope to provide details and analysis via Twitter, and later on this blog and in various media interviews.

For now I can tell you there is so much political tension and spiritual warfare in this city. We really need to be faithfully praying for Israel’s leaders, as well as for America’s leaders — for wisdom and discernment and for healing between our governments.

We are witnessing the most dramatic and unsettling clash in the 66 year history of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

President Obama is setting the stage for an historic and painful showdown — not with our enemy, Iran, but with our best friend and ally in the Middle East, Israel.

The President is signaling he is ready to give Iranian leaders most of what they want in the nuclear negotiations, and that he has no intention of meeting with Israel’s top leaders or listening to their deep concerns.

The big question is: amidst this political and media firestorm, why does Netanyahu want to address Congress?

An interview I did with the Prime Minister several years ago may offer some clues. I’ve posted excerpts from that interview on the blog. I’d encourage you to read it as you continue to pray over this whole situation. Thanks.



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Amidst the horrific attacks by ISIS terrorists in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, France, and elsewhere, Christians throughout North America and around the world are asking many questions. Who is ISIS? What do they believe? What do they want? How serious is the threat to us? Is it true that genocidal conditions are emerging for Christians in the Middle East? And is there any good news? How can the Church advance the Gospel amongst Muslims?

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* As Netanyahu prepares to address Congress, top Senate Democrat blasts Obama’s Iran policy. Stage set for painful showdown. Please pray.

* The biggest threat now is not Radical Islam. It is “Apocalyptic Islam.” Let me explain. (Excerpts from my address to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention)

* Elie Wiesel, Joe Lieberman and Alan Dershowitz call on Democrats to attend Israeli Prime Minister’s speech to Congress next week. (Please call your Congressman and urge him/her to attend.)

* BREAKING: President caving to Iranian nuclear demands, despite poll showing 80% of Americans fear “Second Holocaust” if Iran gets The Bomb. What should be our policy towards Iran’s nuclear program?

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PRAYER NEEDS — please pray for….

* A Third Great Awakening — a sweeping spiritual revival — in the U.S. and Canada.

* The peace of Jerusalem — geopolitical but also spiritual peace through the Prince of Peace

* The Palestinian people in Gaza to be liberated from the reign of terror imposed by Hamas and other terrorist groups

* Israeli, Egyptian and Jordanian leaders to have wisdom to know how best to protect their citizens going forward and live in quiet and calm with their neighbors

* The President of the United States and his top advisors to have a change of heart and to truly stand unequivocally with Israel, America’s best friend and most faithful ally in the Mideast

* The President and other nations to know how best to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons, defeat ISIS and stop the genocide, and prevent terror attacks on the U.S. and our allies

* Persecuted in Christians throughout the epicenter to be brave and bold for Christ and faithful lights amidst such darkness

* The protection of moderate Arabs and other Muslims in the region from Radical Islam, particularly in Jordan

* The Lord to strengthen His Church and reveal His Word and the transforming power of the Gospel to all the people of the epicenter, and that the Father would draw them to His Son

* The Joshua Fund to have the wisdom to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, as the Lord guides and provides


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