Follow Up Commentary: A Price to Pay


A Price To Pay (follow up)

Josh Earnest, Obama’s press secretary said, and I quote, “Rhetoric that seeks to marginalize one segment of their (Israel’s) population is deeply concerning and is divisive.” The statement was directed at PM Netanyahu after the Prime Minister won the recent blow out election.

As I consider Earnest’s statement, an old cliche comes to mind, If the (hypocritical) shoe fits wear it. His reflective comment, it seems to me, fits Obama’s attitude and practice toward Christians in America. One need only pay slight attention to the President’s track record to affirm the truth. Further, just check with the picture takers, the cake bakers, inn keepers and military chaplains…Obama-National-Prayer-Breakfast-620x435

Indeed, division on several levels is an operational plank in Obama’s platform for a transformed America. Anger, agitation and chaos are hallmarks of his administration; Saul Alinsky’s marching orders! To suggest that Obama seeks unity and equality, at home or anywhere else, is to ignore the facts and guzzle, not sip, the Kool aid. At best Josh Earnest is calling the kettle black – oops, can I say that?

All joking aside, we (America) under this president, have put our foot in the door of Bible prophesy. Obama warns there will be “consequences” for Israel. Will he end up eating those words? I think so! Will America dine at the same table…? Ultimately, will we be a blessing or a curse to Abraham’s nation? God’s covenant with Israel is eternal and unbreakable.

The transformer in chief is a fraud; a dangerous one who has bitten off more than he (we) can chew. There is a power outside and above that of the oval office to whom we should appeal. We should do it NOW and do it fervently!

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