Albuquerque Mayor Berry Speaks Out On Theft of Dogs…How About The Abortion of Babies?


The Albuquerque Journal quotes Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry responding to the theft of dogs in Albuquerque: “We should be judged on how we treat our animals and this is absolutely unacceptable behavior. It personally makes me mad. I’m going to do what I can from the Mayor’s Office to put a stop to it, but I need the community’s help.” The Mayor has put up a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this thug or thugs. I am very thankful for this move by the Mayor.

Now most of you know I love dogs! Our dogs minister to children, adults, the elderly and terminally ill.  Our 15 year old Ministry dog Buffy just passed away and we received such an outpouring of love from many of you. Our 9 year old beagle Reno also misses her greatly.

How come the Mayor is not speaking out for HUMAN LIFE?????? HELLO????!!!???

My question is why can’t the Mayor say the same thing about ABORTION!!??!!??? When the Mayor says that we should be judged on how we treat our animals, how about saying, WE SHOULD BE JUDGED ON HOW WE TREAT BABIES AND CHILDREN!!!???!!?? FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!buffy and RenoBaby Lilith marchRight here in Albuquerque we have abortion factories. I have not heard a peep out of the Mayor as Pro-Life legislation has been debated at the State Capital!!!! Mayor Berry is the Mayor of Albuquerque, the ABORTION CAPITAL OF THE SOUTHWEST!!!! Abortion is big business in Albuquerque!  I pray as the Mayor says he will do all he can from the Mayor’s office to stop the theft of dogs in Albuquerque, he would do the same for babies, For heaven’s sake!

Buffy and Reno on the left and our first grandchild Lilith Evelyn on the right.

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