Women who have had abortions have silenced themselves through guilt and shame…but…..


Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Baby Cherish came home from the hospital yesterday! Praise God! She is not addicted to heroin anymore! Praise God! She is off oxygen and Grandma Linda thanks you for your prayers! Amen! The Mother could have chosen abortion…………Abortion is an assault on God! Can you imagine assaulting God? Baby Cherish coes home

“Women who have had abortions have silenced themselves through guilt and shame. It
is only when they have been healed by the power of Jesus Christ that their voices are
given back and they can sound out the truth that abortion hurts women. When
they begin to speak out the evil of abortion will end.” Dan Rosecrans, Program Director of KDAZ AM730 in Albuquerque, NM

Pastor Dewey Note: We are beginning to see the Godly results of when women who have had abortions are healed and boldly speak out about abortion, we are making Godly progress on the sanctity of life in the United States.

Here at FGGAM God has directed us to stand in the gap for Him on the sanctity of life. Words were spoken over me years ago to be a watchman on the wall for God on abortion and other matters for God. Martin Luther said, “If you want to change the world, write.” We will write and write and speak and speak until abortion ends.

Dan Rosecrans lovely wife Laura has a brand new post on Abortion:

Surrendered Hearts Abortion Recovery Ministries Support Group

Get this New Mexico legislative update from Tara Shaver:

New Mexico: Your Help is Needed: THREE Pro-Life Bills Introduced…So Far This Session!

Please pray for Sonja Haldeman’s Mom, Nancy, who lives in Windom, Minnesota. Nancy was transferred to Abbott Hospital in Minneapolis. She has pneumonia and congestive heart failure. We are praying for healing in Jesus name, Amen! Please join us in prayer for Nancy and family! Amen!

Please pray for our daughter Stephanie, she is due any day! Our first grandchild is on it’s way! Sharon will be leaving for Denver as soon as the baby girl arrives! Please pray for baby and Mom and Dad, Pat is his name, a great husband and Dad to be!, and grandpa and grandma! LOL!

God Bless you and yours, Dewey, Sharon, Family and FGGAM Team

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