U.S.-Led Airstrikes Kill Several Islamic State Leaders


USAF F-16 Falcon dropping a bomb (Illustrative)Reports out of Iraq Thursday indicated that US-led airstrikes on the Islamic State (IS) terror militia had succeeded in killing several senior leaders of the organization in the city of al-Qaim, near the Syrian border. Also on Thursday, a video was posted to the internet showing IS terrorists destroying ancient Assyrian statues and sculptures, apparently looted from a museum in Mosul, as an unidentified narrator declares “The Prophet ordered us to get rid of statues and relics, and his companions did the same when they conquered countries after him.” Archeologists familiar with the statues decried the destruction of “human heritage.” Meanwhile, sources in the UK identified the man shown beheading several Western hostages in IS videos over the past several months, known as “Jihadi John” as as Kuwaiti-born London computer programmer Mohammed Emwazi. Read More

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