Troubled Financial Times For New Mexico


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Let’s hear the TRUTH! New Mexico is in financial trouble. KDAZ AM730 Newsman Frank Haley reports for FGGAM NEWS:

The State Auditor says at least One council of government, three counties, five school districts, 7 state agencies, 2 hospitals, 20 municipalities, and 8 special districts are now on his “at risk” list.

State Auditor Tim Keller says that 46 agencies that report to the state don’t have current or complete audits, and that could cause the state’s credit rating to drop or agencies to lose state and federal funding.

Keller, a Democrat who took over the Auditor’s Office Jan 1st, says “This is totally nonpartisan. This is about accounting. This is about math, not political parties.”

The State Auditor’s office produces the “at risk” report annually, The list includes the New Mexico State Fair, the Public Education Department, the city of Albuquerque and the state’s own Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, among others.

New Mexico legislators will have to pare down their spending plans because dropping oil prices have left the state with $60 million less in new revenue than anticipated.

New Mexico’s struggling lottery scholarship program is drawing the attention of lawmakers again. But the independent think tank “Think New Mexico” has concerns about a proposal that would eliminate a requirement that 30 percent of lottery revenues be dedicated to the scholarship fund. That proposal would also clear the way for credit card purchases of lottery tickets, which supporters say would boost revenues that could be funneled to the program.

One more item:

Also the state owes hundreds of state workers back pay. The state can’t even pay people what they owed.

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