Couple Married 67 Years Die Holding Hands


This one made my cry…….Floyd and Violet Hartwig died holding hands at the end of a marriage lasting 67 years.

Their daughter, Donna Scharton, said Thursday that once the family sensed the couple was close to death, they pushed their two hospice beds together, gently joining their hands. Floyd went first, followed by Violet five hours later. They died Feb. 11 at home in Central California, as they had wished.

Scharton says her parents’ romance sparked at a dance hall when Floyd, a decorated Navy sailor, was home on shore leave. They went on to have three children, four grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Scharton says that people often commented on her parents’ connection.

Cynthia Letson says that once her grandfather passed, the family told her grandmother that she could go too.

What a testimony to us all! The sanctity of marriage!

Extra special to me because my Grandpa’s name is Floyd and my middle name is Floyd! My Grandpa and Grandma Caraway were married I think almost 60 years, before Grandma passed onto heaven in 1978!
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