The Committee on Compacts is scheduled to hear the proposed tribal gambling compacts this Tuesday at 8:30 am.  If they approve the compacts, they will go directly to the legislature to be voted on in the House and the Senate.

The worst new provision in the compacts is that they would allow the casinos to increase the hours of operation from 20 to 24 per day.  This would mean in most cases that the casinos could open from 1:00 am to 5:00 am in the morning.  There would hardly be any entertainment gamblers at the casino during those hours of the night.  The population of gamblers at those hours would largely be problem gamblers, people whose lives are out of control, who are maxing out their credit cards, bank accounts, emptying their children’s college funds and using up their retirement accounts.

The casinos are always finishing their ads with messages like, “Please be sure to gamble responsibly.”  Fine words, but their actions in opening up their casinos during those hours actually say, “Please gamble irresponsibly and give us the last dollars that you have.”  What hypocrisy by the casinos, and how cold-blooded their business practices.  What a failed government policy to partner with the tribal casinos in exploiting their own citizens to raise money for their budget.

Please phone your State Senator if he/she is on the Compact Committee.  A list of the committee members is below, along with the process to see if your senator is on the committee, and obtain their contact information.

You will most likely speak to their secretary.  They will only ask if you live in their district.  You can leave a short message, such as, “Please ask Senator_________ to vote against the proposed tribal gambling compacts.”  You can add whatever points you want to make, but make is short, concise and polite.

To find out who your senator is, along with their contact information, click on the “Find Your Legislator” page by clicking here

Below “Senate,” click on “Search by Name, District or Address.”

Below the field for “Name of Legislator,” click on “OR Search by Address.”

In the field “Enter address,” key in your home address, and below that click on the down arrow by “Political Body” to bring up “Senate.”  Then click on the “Search” button above.  That will usually bring up the name of the senator from your district and his/her picture.  Click on the senator’s name in the box, and it will open up their web page.  The senator’s phone number and other contact information will be on that page.  Check to see if your senator is on the Compact Committee.

If they are on the committee, please call tomorrow, February 23, so that they can get the message in time for the committee meeting.


Representative Sharon Clahchischilliage  R Vice Chair

Senator Pete Campos  D Member

Representative Zachary J. Cook  R Member

Senator Stuart Ingle  R Member

Representative D. Wonda Johnson  D Member

Representative Larry A. Larrañaga  R Member

Representative Tim D. Lewis  R Member

Representative Georgene Louis  D Member

Representative James Roger Madalena  D Member

Representative W. Ken Martinez  D Member

Senator George K. Munoz  D Member

Senator Cliff R. Pirtle  R Member

Senator John C. Ryan  R Member

Senator William E. Sharer  R Member

Senator John Arthur Smith  D Member


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