Pastor Dewey is in Reserve, NM on Sunday, Invitation to the Thirsty….many do not know Jesus….


Please join me at the Baptist Church in Reserve, New Mexico Sunday at 11am for services if you do not have a home Church. I will be preaching over Isaiah 55….Invitation to the Thirsty, but many do not know they are dying of thirst……many do not know Jesus Christ…..dewey cup

“If we could get America as excited for Jesus as it is for football, we could turn this country around for God! Pray with me that that day will come soon. I pray America’s pastime becomes Jesus Christ.” Pastor Dewey

33.3 million people watched the College Football Championship game on TV the other night.  According to NBC News a record was set for viewers on cable TV. Football fansPastor Paul Holt has done his research (based on Barna and Graham) and it shows that just 15 million Americans go to Church on Sunday. The population of the United States is 320 million. I might add that at the campus of the winners of that College Football game, fires and riots broke out, in celebration of the victory. That is the United States we live in. The United States is a mission field for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Monday I posted this survey that Pastor Randy Walquist was using in his message Sunday on KKIM Radio in Albuquerque, NM: I just heard this on KKIM AM1000 yesterday from Rev. Randy Walquist of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, NM: A recent USA Today survey showed that the American Church has lost the home field advantage. This so ties in with my message today! The survey showed that 72%  of Americans do not belong to a Church but believe in a living God. They do not belong to a Church because they feel that the Church and Church attendees are hypocritical. 50% of that group said that Church attendees get on their nerves. 4 out of 5 said that Church attendees to not show the love of Jesus. Chew on that for awhile! Despite that news, I Thank the Lord for the many Churches that are standing in the gap for God!

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