NM Gov. announces, “Restrict Abortion!’


Statement from Father Stephen Imbarrato, Director ProtestABQ…

The Santa Fe New Mexican is reporting today, ‘”Governor Susana Martinez would support a bill to place restrictions on late term abortions”, her spokesman said Thursday.” “As the governor has said many times, she is pro-life, which would of course include opposition to late term abortions.” According to the news report the Governor will also support a parental notification bill.

The late term abortion bill is being proposed and supported by the 3 Bishops of NM. In light of the Governor’s comments, in spite of being long overdue, I am more than willing to stop all protests of the Governor and support this initiative to pass these bills. With this public statement of support from the Governor, the onus is now on The House and Senate leaders of New Mexico to pass the legislation supported by the 3 bishops and Governor Martinez. I pledge that ProtestABQ will cease any and all protests of the Governor until the legislative process in NM runs its course. I want to thank Rep. Alonzo Baldonado, Senator Bill Sharer, and all other pro-life legislators in both the House and the Senate, in advance, for their support of these bills.

It is clear and is known that between Catholic pro-life Democrats and Republicans, along with others who have run and stated they are pro-life, we have the pro-life votes in both chambers of the NM Legisalture to place both these bills on the Governor’s desk to sign. An additional “informed consent” bill would also be useful along with these two pieces of legislation to provide the oversight and restrictions necessary to change the reputation of NM as the “late term abortion capital of the world” and bring NM in line with other states in the Southwest that have oversight and restrictions on abortion. There is no reason for these bills not to pass if our pro-life legislators live up to their previous pro-life pronouncements. The Governor supports this legislation, the 3 Bishops support this legislation, and it is now time to pass these bills and make them the law of NM.

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