NM Democrats Answer to Falling Oil Revenue: Pot, Money and The Devil


So the Democrats in New Mexico are making their annual push to legalize evil. This time they say falling state revenues from falling oil prices are the reasons New Mexico need to legalize pot. The Dem’s see the millions that Colorado is taking in from pot and their mouth waters. They do the Dem’s money dance over the statue of Bill Richardson.

I thought Casinos  (Yes, I know who Gary Johnson is, by the way what is he?) in New Mexico and all the tax money from the Pueblo’s were to solve all our money problems?

I thought all the taxes the Dem’s have passed over the years were to bring heaven on earth to New Mexico. Now because of dropping oil prices, meaning lower tax revenue for the state, the Dem’s want to dance with the devil and weed.

The Dem’s push abortion, same-sex marriage, booze, and now weed, selling out to the Devil. We have enough of a problem in New Mexico with drunks killing, now we will have pot heads killing people, which has already happened, just awhile back two UNM students were struck and killed by a driver high on pot in Albuquerque.  NM state lawmakers consider legalizing pot to raise revenue

Always remember Jesus is the answer. His Way will save you! Be obedient to Him and His ways.

News and Views-Dewey

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