New Mexico’s Cloud of Death


New Mexico is the Abortion capital of the United States by many credible reports, New Mexico has a cloud of death over it, Why does Governor Martinez and other high profile politicians remain silent on this Godly issue? This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it is an issue of God, and What Gods Word says. We have girls as young as 14 coming to Albuquerque for abortions! Albuquerque is an abortion factory. Today Angel Murchison of Maine reports that Maine is now a Pro-Life State, why can’t this happen in New Mexico? It is not right to be silent on Godly issues, it is so very wrong and dysfunctional! God cannot fully bless New Mexico with the murder of his children going on. Do not hide from the truth. It is very hard to teach good morals in New Mexico and the United States when we as a country kill babies.

From Father Stephen Imbarrato:

Protestabq protested Gov Martinez last night and then prayed for her at the Mass she was at. Yes we seriously need to pray for her conversion. I can’t help when seeing all this and reflecting on the past year with her, how much she and her political group are like the Pharisees…no matter what is revealed to them and how often, their hearts are so hardened, they refuse to change. I know for sure, because the truth is written on the hearts of man, that when they put their heads on the pillow at night, they know the truth, yet they allow earthly ambitions to rob them of the strength to say…”no more, I cannot live this lie anymore.”
It is sad. We continue to pray and we will tonight… for souls in mortal sin receive no grace from blessings et al…these conversions must come from some miraculous act of God, so let us pray for that miracle.

Always remember Jesus is the answer. His Way will save you! Be obedient to Him and His ways.

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