Netanyahu Hosts French Ambassador in Jerusalem


Netanyahu with Maisonnave (Israel Government Press Office photograph)On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with French ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave and expressed his condolences to the French people and also delivered a short pep talk to his guest. “I know that there are many in France who are asking themselves, how can we fight this dreadful fear-imposing barbarism. Should we continue to publish our views? Should we express our opinions? Should we now cut back?” Netanyahu said. “My message – in Paris, in Jerusalem, anywhere – is that the first rule in fighting terrorism is to refuse to knuckle down and knuckle under fear and pain of fear, to refuse to be afraid…we have to unite to roll back this tide of fear. This is the essence of the battle that we’re fighting: Freedom against barbarism. Freedom must win, but to win, we have to stand together and fight together.”Read More

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