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January 2015 has arrived and it’s a new dawn here in Maine. Maine is now a pro life state. How does this happen? Let’s take a closer look. With permission I am using excerpts from the letter I received from the Christian Civic League of Maine signed by Carroll Conley, Executive Director. This is what he penned. How does it feel to fund a revolution? The Civic League was hopeful to increase the number of pro life candidates who would defend religious liberty and Biblical values as a result of the Pews to the Polls campaign. These were the results: the re-election of a pro life governor for a second term, the voters of the Second Congressional District choosing a pro life candidate for the first time since abortion was legalized. In addition 14 of the 19 pro life Senate candidates prevailed, 41 of the 54 pro life House candidates winning their elections. In his acceptance speech of the Civic League of Maine Minuteman Award, Governor Paul LePage stated we all need to work together to make sure these results are a movement and not just a moment. The letter went on to talk about the Culture Impact Teams developed by the Family Research Council that the Civic League is promoting, networking with local churches. In addition, I love the radio broadcast the Civic League airs Faith Matters in Maine. I try to listen every time it’s on and join my Faith with theirs. They have it right, yes they sure do. Faith matters to Maine’s people. Yes, it sure does.

Wow, can’t you see us dancing now as Maine will lead the nation in the pro life movement. I have never been politically active, just a regular voter until this year. I prayed for a co-worker who was working for a political party. As I prayed for her and all the issues that were at stake here in Maine, I began to be stirred like never before. Being a woman of prayer and believing in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, as well as a post abortive woman (a bad choice as a teen) I knew it was time to BE SILENT NO MORE.

I have prayed with post abortive women all across this globe and I can honestly tell you abortion hurts women. I am reviewing the book I penned as I prepare to take it to the next step. I believe truth, facts and alternatives need to be made available and offered in every pregnant woman’s life.

For women that have already experienced an abortion, I know your pain. There is hope and healing for you as well. It was at a writers conference in New Mexico in 2007, a lady told my roommate to tell me to write a book No Mommy Don’t Do It. I asked my roommate to introduce me to her and she did. I inquired of the young lady why she said that. She went on to tell me about her three abortions and her friend that had twelve. Although I titled my book something different I did pen a writing in which I titled it just that. No! Mommy Don’t Do It…..I sent it to pro-life of Maine several years ago now.

I often ponder how she knew to tell my roommate that, as my abortion she did not know. I was from Maine and I hadn’t met her before and not many people knew my secret. I don’t know where she was from, as I only spoke to her that one time. It must have been a God Moment. I do remember noticing her at one meeting and her worship was quite intense. I can understand why……She’s been forgiven much….

I remember the plane we were catching in Cincinnati that would bring us back to Maine. I ended up sitting in a different seat than was assigned to me. The lady in the next seat inquired who I was as she thought I was someone quite important. Apparently, they held the plane twenty minutes for the plane I was on to make the connection. I just laughed as I tell women all over the world they are the King’s Daughters and they are very important to him.

For the remainder of my time in the air, I listened and prayed with this dear Christian lady that told me about her abortion and how it affected her. I felt for her and I knew it was only her creator that could make her whole again and I prayed for just that. Why did she feel to tell me her story? It must have been another God Moment.

I must tell you I have those God Moments a lot. So today I want to pray for women across this globe affected by abortion. This is your God Moment too.

If you are contemplating abortion, get the facts, pray and God himself will make a way for you and your baby. You will find many God Moments on the journey.

Father, for every woman contemplating an abortion, lead them to truth. We join our Faith across this globe and Declare Life. God send them help from on high we pray.

Father, you know the plans you have for every life. Today, many women have made a choice they now regret. They are full of hurt, pain and remorse. God, how can they be made whole again? Today, I bring them to the Healing Water’s of Jesus Christ. I know you can touch them and make them whole again. (If you haven’t shared your pain with another, I pray God leads you to a safe person that you can share with). Lord, set them free according to your Word. In John 8:36 Whom the Son Sets free is free Indeed. May every King’s Daughter across this globe today have a God Moment with you. Amen

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NO! Mommy, Don’t Do It….

By Angel L. Murchison

Knock, knock hi mom I’m here-do you sense me…do you feel me…do you know I am here. I’m connected in your womb. I’m your Jeremiah child….

Mom what will I be someday: A doctor, nurse, teacher or clerk. Oh Mom what does my future hold?

Mom you seem sad, depressed, anxious, confused are you Ok?

Mom you’re not happy about me are you?

Mom who are you talking to? What are they saying?

Mom No! No! I am not just a blob of tissue? No, No that’s a lie!

Mom are you thinking straight? Can you hear my cry?

I want to live, I want to live, I want to live, Oh God I want to live…….

A quick procedure it’ll all be over soon I heard them say……..Please God send someone to tell mom the truth I cry……

I sense the room is dark and cold, I sense I’m losing my life today…

I hear them talking again; I believe it’s almost time …

On no! It’s really true…. my mom she bought the lie…

Now I must die……..

I hear the noises, I feel the pain…….My life is over…. it’s my end.

Mom, I say good-bye……

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you not to harm you to give you a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29v11

 I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Jeremiah 1v4

Don’t be anxious for anything but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your requests known. Phil 4v6


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