A Cry For Help for Baby Cherish!


Cherish number 2Cherish
Let us gather together and help with this need and pray over  little baby, Cherish! Amen!

Photos are of Cherish provided by Sandy Harrington



I have a need that I am hoping that you will post.  One of our employees, Joe Ray, has a brother and girlfriend that just gave birth to a full term 3 lb baby girl that is addicted to heroin.   His mother has quit work and will bring the baby home when she is ready.  She has already raised her family and now will be caring for this precious little girl (her name is Cherish).  She is starting from scratch and needs help.  They need diapers, blankets, formula, pretty much everything.  Any donations can be dropped off at Screen Images, Inc.  3738 Arno NE Albuquerque, NM  87107.  Anyone can contact me at sandy@screenimagesnm.com and I will forward everything to Joe Ray.  Thanks!



Sandy Harrington

Screen Images, Inc.

3738 Arno NE

Albuquerque, NM 87107

Office 505-344-8534

Fax 505-344-8536

Cell 505-249-4224


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