“Can You Relate?”


question-of-the-dayI saw this post by the famous christian author Ted Dekker on his facebook page.  Very thought provoking message and oh so true …!!! Can you relate?  It was so good I thought it should be shared.

“I’ve never met a 60 year old who believes the same as they did when they were 30. Not one. So how old are you today? Know that your beliefs will change.Therefore, do not be too dogmatic. Don’t stand on a hill and argue until your face is red. Do not fire off emails and texts that tear down those who disagree with you, crying out “Farewell fool!”

Why? because in all likelihood you’re only yelling at an older version of yourself, 30 years from now, who believes differently than you currently believe.

Therefore, have grace and take the journey in humility, opening yourself up to knowing your Father intimately rather than defending what you think you know ‘about’ him today. Rest in not having to have it all figured out and find peace in his love.

Can you relate?” – Ted Dekker


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